Integrated Sessions

All sessions are considered integrated sessions.  Although the foundation is often therapeutic massage, there is no limit to the possibilities of how a session might unfold.  Any one modality offered by Christina could be a standalone session, or all of the modalities could be combined for a quite a unique experience.  However, it is generally a good idea to stick with the idea of "keep it simple" so that the session feels complete and grounded.  The Tibetan bowls might be played momentarily during a session or a special crystal might placed on the body and activated by the tuning forks, all with the intention of seamless integration.  Christina's offerings are simply possibilities and healing tools.  When booking your session, there is no need to specify which offering(s) you would like as sessions are simply booked by amount of time rather than type of offering.  If you simply prefer straight up deep tissue massage, then that is perfect for you.  This is your session!

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