The massage you gave me is the best I’ve ever had! I say you are truly a healer and Boulder is lucky to have you!
— Kristin, Richmond, VA

Integrative Sessions

Know that although I offer many modalities, your session will never be specific to any one modality.  That is the beauty of integrated work.  When you book your session, you do not need to specify or pick and choose from the types of bodywork that I offer as they truly cannot be separated.  I do not "upcharge" for deep tissue work or adding aromatherapy, for example, which is common in other practices.  The price of your session is simply determined by the amount of time that you choose to work with me.  Of course your needs and preferences for the style of work that you receive will be entirely your choice, but no need to specify ahead of time when you schedule.  Simple.

Rates for Individual Session

  • 30 minutes ~ $45
  • 60 minutes ~ $90
  • 75 minutes ~ $112.50
  • 90 minutes ~ $135
  • 120 minutes ~ $180

New Clients Receive $20 off Your First Session or Package

Packages of Three

  • 30 minutes ~ $120
  • 60 minutes ~ $255
  • 75 minutes ~ $322.50
  • 90 minutes ~ $390