Thank you for your intuition, awareness, and incredible ability to shift my body into more ease, space, and joy. It was so amazing to receive from you after giving birth. It was one of the BEST massages I’ve ever had... I missed you and my body is soooooo happy to be back!!! Thank you!!
— Katherine M., Boulder

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Click on the "Book Now" button which will take you to my online scheduler.  Note that that the online booking window is closed for appointments less than 24 hours away.  For requests less than 24 hours, please call or text me at 720-256-6708.  If you cannot find a time on my online scheduler that works for you, please contact me directly and we will work together to find a time that does work.

How Much Time Should I Book?

This is such an important question!  I urge all clients to book 90 minute sessions when at all possible.  The most frequent feedback that I hear is "the session felt very relaxing and yet deep enough to be therapeutic as well."  That is because my style is to work very slowly, which in turn results in deeper work.  Massage should not be painful, that defeats the whole purpose of relaxing a muscle!  However, it requires time to get there.  I find that trying to cover a list of aches and pains in a 60 minute session results in nothing being adequately addressed.  If you are coming in for a specific injury or painful area, I strongly urge that it will take at least 60 minutes to cover that one issue completely.  Booking 90 minutes is enough time to fully address an issue plus get to the rest of the body to leave really feeling complete.