Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is the foundation for my sessions.  My college education in structural engineering certainly translated to understanding and working with the structure of the body.  My style is to blend the most common forms of therapeutic massage, including Myofascial Release, Deep TissueSwedish and Neuromuscular Therapy and Acupressure.  Other styles like Lomi Lomi and the Trager Approach might be blended in as well.  Unlike some therapists, I do not separate between different modalities or charge differently for each type of work.  You truly receive a seamless integration of it all.  My style is to work slowly, layer by layer into the muscle tissue until it is deep enough to receive the maximum therapeutic benefit.  The most common feedback I hear is "it felt deeply therapeutic but good at the same time, without hurting."  One thing that you will not receive from me is a fluffy massage.  Even my lightest touch will feel solid and secure.  My pressure can stay light or go very deep upon the client's request, but in general people describe receiving the pressure as "just right."  Regardless of the depth of pressure, you will feel grounded, secure and deeply connected to earth.