My Story

My journey as a bodyworker began while I was attending Civil Engineering School at UVA. I saw a flyer for the Virginia School of Massage in my college town of Charlottesville, VA and decided to go to massage school simultaneously during college and see where my career would lead me. Unfortunately, I had a little accident cutting off a finger right before the final exam which promptly ended the possibility of a career in massage therapy. So I thought!  I graduated in engineering and went on to become a successful engineer with jobs in hazardous waste management, land development, construction and park and recreation facility development in Ohio and Virginia.  Wanting to add a little creativity to my engineering work, I did also go to graduate school in landscape design at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  during my engineering days and discovered my love of plants. However, when I moved to Boulder in 2006 and took some time off to be a stay at home mom with my three young children, I looked back and realized that there had been a void in my work and I wanted something even greater, some kind of service that would fulfill my heart.

I remembered that long lost dream of being a massage therapist and my finger had healed after the years, so in 2010 I went back to massage school for the second time at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and became a certified massage therapist and re-launched my career in the healing arts.  

My goal is to listen carefully to my clients, and then integrate my knowledge, experience and intuition into sessions that feel both nurturing and supportive.  I believe strongly that the gift of healing is innately born within each of us. My job is to support you in your own healing journey. And wow, doesn't it feel fantastic when you break through your own limitations - whether physical pain/illness and/or emotional blocks - to live with more vitality, joy and gratitude for yourself?!