Aromatherapy adds a whole new dimension to bodywork.  Touch alone is of course amazing, but each essence brought in from the Plant Kingdom is like bringing in another ally on your healing team.  

Aromatherapy is simply plant medicine, which is the original medicine of the planet.  Applied topically, diffused and inhaled and/or taken internally, plant medicine heals on all levels of of the being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The effects can feel subtle or intense, but are available as a simple tool with powerful impact.

The quality and vibration of the essential oils directly affect the depth of healing that plant medicine can offer.  There are many popular brands available on the market, but after much experience work with many different brands over the years, I carefully selected Wisdom of the Earth medicinal grade essential oils for exclusive use in my practice.  Their oils are bio-dynamically farmed (in accordance with the natural rhythms of the Earth and even a "step up" from organic), and all oils are hand poured with love.  They are all single ingredient (not blends), non-diluted essences that are layered individually on the skin, allowing them to work in synergy with the body’s own intelligence.  They are are the purestmost potent and highest vibration oils available. 

When you incorporate aromatherapy into your sessions, not only do you have me providing bodywork, you have a whole team of plant spirits working for you each with their own unique healing qualities.  This synergy shifts sessions into a whole new level of healing that touch alone simply cannot do.  Essential oils are carefully selected and the combination of essences will be different each visit, therefore no visit could ever be the same.

Wisdom of the Earth essential oils are available for sale in my office.  Visit for more information about the essences and product list.